Voice Actor Tara Strong Recast for Upcoming Project Amidst Controversy

Tara Strong has been recast in the new Boxtown animated project amidst a recent controversy.

Voice actor Tara Strong has been recast for a new animated project amid a recent controversy over some of Strong's recent statements on social media. Strong was spotted on X (formerly known as Twitter) with activity that sparked a controversy among fans around the Isreal-Palestine conflict, and amidst this controversy it has been announced that one animated project she was formerly attached to will be recasting her role. The independent animated project Boxtown announced on social media that they will be moving ahead with open auditions to refill the role once held by Strong, Bill the Orphan, following her debut in promotional materials. 

Boxtown's original concept was such a success with fans that it's now currently in the works with a partly crowdfunded animated project from Bandit Mill Studios, and it featured Strong in the lead role alongside Alex Hirsch. But as the official Twitter account for Boxtown has announced, they will be moving forward without Strong in the cast and will start open auditions soon, "Hello all! Just wanted to offer a quick update on Boxtown. We will be recasting the role of Bill (previously played by Tara Strong). We'll have more info soon on open auditions. Thanks for y'all's understanding as we re-orient and figure out the next steps."

(Photo: Bandit Mill Studios)

Why Was Tara Strong Recast? 

Boxtown has not announced why Strong has been recast, but it is likely due to Strong's recent social media controversy. Strong herself responded to the Tweet and revealed that this is how she found out she was recast with, "Just found out on twitter! This is what happens when you help fans get shows made I guess," Strong began. "Fired for being Jewish. Glad I helped you get your kickstarter money. Please lose my email address & pray for my family in Israel and in Gaza."

Boxtown is now in the works, and Bandit Mill Studios teased the animated project as such on its Indiegogo page, "Set in a fictional, crime-ridden neon city, Boxtown is an adult animated show following Tim, a so-so detective with a knack for conning both clients and suspects alike, as he teams up with Bill, a squishable and earnest orphan obsessed with true crime. Although they're an unlikely duo, Tim and Bill share one common goal: solving cases—even if for Bill, it's more altruistic than Tim's main motivators, which are (1) to make money, and (2) to stick it to the city's prestigious corporate detective agency."