Rick and Morty Didn't Have to Change Plans Amidst Justin Roiland Firing

Rick and Morty's showrunner reveals they didn't have to change plans after Justin Roiland's firing.

Rick and Morty made a major change ahead of Season 6 as Adult Swim parted ways with co-creator and voice behind its two leads, Justin Roiland, but the showrunner behind the series explained that the creative plans for the series didn't really have to change with Roiland's exit. While Rick and Morty Season 7 was in production, Adult Swim had announced they were partying ways with Roiland amidst recent allegations and charges. It was then announced they would be recasting his roles for the new season, and with the first episode, fans have gotten to hear these new voices in action. 

Rick and Morty Season 7's premiere debuted the new replacement actors for Justin Roiland, Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden as Rick and Morty respectively, and in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about those changes, Marder opened up about the lengthy process in bringing the new actors in. But while the recasting of the voices was a challenge, Marder revealed that creatively Roiland's exit didn't have much of an impact as "When he left, he only really left by name."

(Photo: Adult Swim)

How Justin Roiland's Exit Affected Rick and Morty

"No. We were already seasons ahead," Marder responded when asked about whether or not Roiland's exit changed anything creatively about Rick and Morty. "[B]efore the writers strike, we didn't work on anything while we were on strike — but we were already far ahead. Since I've been part of things, it's been Harmon and me and our team and we've been motoring ahead on our own without him. When he left, he only really left by name.

But even with the changes and challenges of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Marder is excited for fans to see Rick and Morty Season 7, "I'm so excited fans get to see it this year. This show has weathered so much. The irony of the strike these curveballs has been that we feel like we've been sitting on this amazing season of TV with all hurdles in the way of it getting out there. I'm just grateful we found these guys and that they sound the same and that everyone can enjoy what we know, what we've had for a while, which is maybe one of our best seasons."

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