New Suits Series in Development After Record- Breaking Streaming Success

Another Suits series is finally in the works.

Suits has been the biggest show in all of streaming for a good chunk of 2023, breaking multiple streaming records in the process. Despite going off the air in 2019, USA's legal drama was added to Netflix's roster over the summer and turn into an absolute juggernaut. With eight seasons on Netflix and all nine seasons on Peacock, Suits became one of the most-watched shows ever in the world of streaming. It should come as no surprise that another Suits series is now in development.

According to a new report from Deadline, NBCUniversal is working with series creator Aaron Korsh on a brand new Suits offshoot. While deals are still being put together, the new series is apparently being fast-tracked and given a "serious commitment" from NBCUniversal. 

There's no word yet on where the series will air. The original show aired on USA Network, as did its one-season spinoff series, Pearson. NBC and Peacock are among NBCUniversal's other major distribution avenues.

The new Suits series reportedly isn't going to be a reboot or sequel to the original show, nor will it be a legitimate spinoff, like Pearson. According to Deadline's report, the new show is going to be ab offshoot that sets up new characters while taking place in the same overall universe. This will follow the same path as shows like CSI, NCIS, and Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise.

Recent Suits Popularity

Why has Suits suddenly become so popular, four years after ending its initial run on TV? Suits executive producer Gene Klein explained in a recent interview that he believes the newfound popularity comes from the show's rewatchability.

"I think there's two different things going on, one set of things that has to do with the show itself and another that has to do with the power of a particular platform," Klein revealed. "On the one hand, anecdotally, people reach out to me all the time, so I know it still finds new viewers here and there. But there's also something about the show that is rewatchable. There's people who've watched it all when it was coming out and find it very comforting to watch again. And it's also, I think, a unique enough show that it's very rewatchable. You discover new things as you're rewatching it. So there's an additional set of things about the show that reveal themselves watching it again. So it's a tribute to the show, creatively. But then it's also a tribute to the power of Netflix because it's been on Peacock for a while. There's a hat tip that needs to go to Netflix and the power of their platform because it's finding people."