PlayStation Seemingly Bringing One of its Best Features to PC

A new leak suggests that PlayStation is bringing a core feature of its ecosystem to PC.

One of the best features seen in the PlayStation ecosystem looks like it could finally be making its way to PC platforms. Over the past few years, PlayStation has continued to bolster its presence in the PC space. This has most notably been seen with games like God of War, Days Gone, Marvel's Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart making the jump from PS5 and PS4 to PC. And while future ports like this will no doubt continue to roll out in the future, it seems like the feature that PC users have been asking for the most could soon be arriving. 

Discovered by TrueTrophies, it looks as though Sony could be laying the groundwork to bring trophies to PC. First introduced on PS3, trophies have gone on to be one of the most synonymous parts of the PlayStation ecosystem and have continued to appear on games for PS4, PS5, and even PS Vita. Unfortunately, as more PlayStation games have come to PC, Sony has yet to implement trophy functionality on this platform even though users have made it known that they'd like to see them become available. Luckily, it seems like Sony is now testing the feature and could properly add it soon enough. 

In short, TrueTrophies reports that its own scanners which are typically used to pull trophy data from the PlayStation Store found a new platform listing for what is labeled "PSPC." This designation wasn't assigned to a specific game, but the abbreviation was specifically for a new platform that differs from PS5. In all likelihood, PSPC seems to stand for "PlayStation PC" and indicates that Sony is working on trophy support for the platform. For now, it's not known when trophies would become earnable on PC, but it's starting to look like Sony could have more to share on this front soon enough. 

Future PlayStation Games on PC

(Photo: PlayStation)

Currently, Sony has announced plans for two more PC titles that will be coming in the future. The first is Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition, which is set to launch at an undetermined time in 2024. This version of Horizon Forbidden West will also come with The Burning Shores, which is the post-release expansion for Guerrilla's open-world title that arrived in the early part of this year. 

The second PlayStation-published game that is poised to come to PC is Helldivers 2. Releasing in February 2024, Helldivers 2 is a much more unique release from PlayStation as it will be arriving simultaneously across PS5 and PC. In fact, this will be the first time that PlayStation has published a game for both avenues at the same time since it first began porting its titles to PC. With this in mind, it might indicate why Sony is looking to bring trophy support to PC sooner rather than later as it would allow games such as Helldivers 2 to be more uniform across all devices and wouldn't prevent players from seamlessly jumping between platforms at their discretion.