Teletubbies: Sun Baby Reveals They Are Expecting Their Own Baby

Original Sun Baby Jess Smith is expecting her first child, a daughter, in January.

1990s kids, get ready to officially feel old. Jess Smith, the baby who was the Sun Baby on the British pre-school children's television program Teletubbies is officially having a baby of her own. Earlier this week, Smith, who portrayed the Sun Baby on the original Teletubbies series which debuted in 199, shared on Instagram that she is expecting her first child with her partner Ricky Latham. The child, a girl, is expected to arrive in January. Smith captioned her post of ultrasound photos "When two becomes three."

"I'm feeling overwhelmed with the amount of love I am receiving from people around the world," Smith told Entertainment Weekly. "I have received countless messages congratulating me and wishing us well for the future. I am still overwhelmed with the amount of people who have watched and are watching Teletubbies, the amount of messages I receive and hearing the stories told by people around the world."

Smith also said that her daughter will be a Teletubbies fan.

"She will be watching my version of Teletubbies."

Teletubbies Previously Clarified That Sun Baby Did Not Have a Baby

While Smith is starting a family of her own now, back in 2019, Teletubbies fans were surprised when a photo of Smith as an adult holding a baby went viral. That photo prompted the official Teletubbies Twitter account to set the record straight that the Sun Baby didn't have her own baby at that time.Instead, the photo was of Smith holding Berry, the baby taking over the role of Sun Baby for the Teletubbies revival series.

About Teletubbies

Teletubbies originally debuted in 1997 on BBC2 and CBBC in the U.K. The series followed four colorful creatures called "Teletubbies", so named for the TV screens in their tummies. They spoke gibberish… and sparked some controversy in 1999 when one of the characters Tinky Winky, started carrying a purse.  The original series ran for 365 episodes through 2001. A reboot series was green lit in 2014 and debuted on CBeebies in the U.K. and Nick Jr. in the U.S. in 2015, running for 120 episodes through 2018. In 2022, Netflix announced a reboot of Teletubbies as part of the streamer's children's programming. The reboot featured a new narrator, Tituss Burgess: "Join colorful friends Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po on wonder-filled adventures as they learn and grow in this 21st century refresh of the beloved preschool series, now narrated by Emmy-nominee Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). Each episode includes new, original "Tummy Tales" songs that will have the entire family dancing along!" 

Congratulations to Smith and her family.

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