Is Dillon Danis Fighting Jake Paul Next?

Could Dillon Danis vs Jake Paul be the next big fight in influencer boxing?

After months and months of anticipation, The Prime Card finally happened over the weekend. And while KSI vs Tommy Fury was the headline fight, many tuned in to the sporting event for the fight right before it, Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis. Danis' has beef with the Paul brothers that dates back a couple years. Meanwhile, Dillon Danis' viral antics on social media platform X, propelled the fight into one of the biggest sporting moments of the year. Unfortunately, the six rounds in the ring didn't quite live up to the pre-fight hype. There were was no knockout or even any knock downs. It was a timid fight that saw Logan Paul comfortably cruise through six rounds against Danis, who made his debut in the ring with the fight. 

In the build up to the fight, Logan Paul agreed to a rematch with Danis in MMA, something Danis would have the upper hand in given his renowned background in jujutsu. However, Paul is obviously in a much larger weight class and does have a background in wrestling so the fight could be closer than many think. That said, at this point, it's unlikely this will happen as post-fight Logan Paul has suggested he's done with Dillon Danis, which leaves the door open for Danis to get in the ring with Jake Paul, a pair that have a history together and a pair that do not like each other. 

(Photo: DAZN)

To this end, Dillon Danis took to X and tweeted at Jake Paul, noting that if Paul manages to knock out Dillon Danis he will retire forever. Of course, Danis is trolling Paul, but there's a strong chance he would be interested in fighting the other Paul brother. However, whether Jake Paul would be interested, remains to be seen. After watching what Logan Paul went through in the build up to the fight, he may be interested in avoiding Danis. Further, it's understood that Jake Paul is a much better boxer than his brother, so if Danis was swept by Logan Paul then it may not make much sense for him to face Jake, at least from a sporting spectacle perspective. 

At the moment of writing this, there's nothing that suggests Dillon Danis and Jake Paul will enter the ring together, let alone be the next fight of each other. However, there is certainly enough smoke for a fire to spark out some point.