KSI Calls For Rematch After "Robbery" Against Tommy Fury

KSI believes he was robbed against Tommy Fury.

Rounding out the Prime Card, Tommy Fury and KSI went six rounds as the headliner of the event ended in a decision in the favor of the former. The fight was close, and saw Fury even receive a point deduction. As a result before the verdict was given many were predicting a draw or even a KSI win, but the judges ruled in the favor of Fury. Unlike the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight, which saw the former cruise to victory over the later,  X and other social media platforms are divided over the verdict, with many going as far as to call it a "robbery." Suffice to say, it should perhaps come as no surprise that KSI felt the same way the first time the mic was given to him. 

"It's a robbery bro. How many jabs did he land," said KSI face to face with Tommy Fury. "How many jabs did you land. You didn't get hardly any shots off. And you got a point of as well... You weren't landing. Looking at your face, look at your eyes, look at you."

KSI continued, suggesting Tommy Fury only won because he is the boxer, compared to KSI, who is a YouTuber that boxes. In other words, KSI suggests the decision was given to protect the sanctity of professional boxing, though there's a debate to be had of just how much Fury is a professional boxer. Whatever the case, KSI is wrong about how many punches were landed. Fury landed 39 of 159 punches, while KSI landed 38 of 124. 

So, will KSI get his rematch? Well, if the bag is there he very well could be. There's no one left in the influencer boxing scene for Tommy Fury to fight, so unless he turns his focus to carving out a professional boxing career, a KSI rematch may be his only option. That said, he has suggested he would be interested in fighting Logan Paul, to complete his journey in influencer boxing. However, considering Logan Paul lost to KSI himself, it's hard to imagine that fight happening. 

Boxing In Manchester – KSI v Tommy Fury
(Photo: Matt McNulty/Getty Images)

As for KSI, the big remaining fighting in influencer boxing is he vs Jake Paul. And now that both have narrowly lost to Tommy Fury, the stage is set for the two to meet in the ring, especially with Jake Paul lacking obvious opponents. If KSI does get his rematch though, Jake Paul will be waiting a while.