KSI vs Tommy Fury: "Robbed" Trends Online After Controversial Decision

Was KSI robbed against Tommy Fury?

After months of anticipation, MF & DAZN: X Series 10 – The Prime Card finally happened tonight. Headlining the event were two fights: Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis and KSI vs Tommy Fury. While the former received more attention in the build up thanks to Danis' viral trash talking run on X, it was the latter that wrapped the event as the final fight. And where Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis was an obvious victory for the former, the latter, KSI vs Tommy Fury, was a tight affair. 

Both fights went all six rounds, but where Logan Paul cruised, comfortably winning five of the six, if not all six, KSI vs. Tommy Fury was very close. KSI came out strong and won the first two rounds, and Tommy Fury received a point deduction in the process of these two rounds. As a result, KSI was hypothetically up 3-0 going into the final four rounds, but that's when Fury found his footing and started to insert himself into the fight. And it appears the judges thought he took the final four rounds. Whatever the case, however the judges reached their majority decision, it was a controversial decision. Judging by X and other social media platforms, KSI won. To this end, "robbed" has been trending on X ever since the decision was revealed. 

Naturally, KSI is in agreement. The first time the mic was handed to the YouTuber, he immediately called the fight a robbery, noting Fury was only given the decision because is the established boxer. 

"It's a robbery bro. How many jabs did he land," said KSI face to face with Tommy Fury. "How many jabs did you land. You didn't get hardly any shots off. And you got a point of as well... You weren't landing. Looking at your face, look at your eyes, look at you."

As always, feel free to weigh in and let us know what you think. Do you agree with the Internet and KSI? Was the later robbed in his fight against Tommy Fury or did Fury do enough to edge out his majority decision?