Dillon Danis Announces He's Appealing Logan Paul Fight Loss

The Dillon Danis vs Logan Paul fight isn't over yet.

Dillon Danis has announced that he's appealing the result of his fight with Logan Paul on The Prime Card over the weekend, which saw the former disqualified and lose to the Internet personality. If you saw the fight live, you will know it was a dull affair. The fight went the full six rounds with obviously no KOs. There weren't even any knock downs. Danis hardly connected with any punches and while Paul was connecting, it was never with the needed accuracy or power. 

That said, the whole fight Danis verbally and physically trolled Paul, and this all came to a head when Danis went for what looked like a guillotine choke, which of course was always a long shot considering Danis was wearing boxing gloves, making grappling near impossible. It didn't work, but the fight soon devolved into chaos with Logan Paul's security flooding the ring alongside the venue's security 

Before the fireworks though, there was moment in early round six where one of Logan Paul's alleged security guards stepped into the ring, which is technically a violation. But so is doing a takedown mid-fight. Also, this is an exhibition match. All of this is to say, it's unlikely Danis will win his appeal, but there is a case to be made. 

If anything comes from this, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. But so there has been no response from Logan Paul or match officials. It's worth noting that while Danis says he's submitting an appeal to the commission, this is different than actually doing it. So far, Danis has not confirmed he's submitted anything. As for what will happen if he wins his appeal, it's unclear. Danis was DQ'ed, but it was after these alleged  incidents. Still, both would probably be DQ'ed, which would mean the fight would effectively be a draw. 

(Photo: DAZN)

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think. Should Logan Paul have been disqualified for this? If so, should Danis be awarded his appeal?