Ewan McGregor Supports Actors' Strike at New York Comic Con

Ewan McGregor took part in an NYCC panel, but could not discuss his projects.

New York Comic Con kicked off today, and some major stars are in attendance despite the SAG strike, which is expected to get extended. Obi-Wan Kenobi star Ewan McGregor had a spotlight panel at NYCC, marking his first time at the con. According to the NYCC site, actors in attendance are able to participate in autographs and photo ops, but celebrity guests who appear in struck properties are only able to sign personal headshots rather than images of them as their characters. As for the panels, actors are not able to "talk about past, current or upcoming projects from struck properties and studios." However, they can "discuss their backgrounds in film and TV, their personal hobbies, and their work outside of their film/TV careers." During McGregor's panel, the actor spoke in support of the SAG strike.

"This is the first thing like this I've done and it's been a decision to do it, but I really wanted to take part," McGregor explained. "And it's difficult for us to be up here and not be allowed to talk about our actual films I'm sure you would want to hear about, and so I apologize for that. But we – that's just the way we have to do it I suppose. But it was important to come and see you all meet you all and be part of this relationship, you know, between the people we make the films for and, and the people that make them so yeah, so I'm happy to be here."

Will Ewan McGregor Play Obi-Wan Kenobi Again?

Despite Obi-Wan Kenobi being billed as a one-season limited series, McGregor is hopeful he might return to the character. "I was so happy to do it again, and so happy to work with Hayden again," McGregor said during a virtual conversation on the Disney Studios Awards website before the SAG strike. "I hope we get the chance to do it again."

"In the old days, I would joke about, 'There must be a good story to tell between Episode III and VI.' But, it's true. I always felt that there was," McGregor said. "I feel like [series director] Deborah Chow found it and absolutely nailed it ... just found the story that we wanted to see between the last one that we did and first that was done in [1977]."

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