The Suicide Squad's David Dastmalchian Becomes Brand Ambassador for Casket Company

Dastmalchian is now the official sponsor of Titan Casket.

David Dastmalchian might be best known for his comic work on Count Crowley, as well as his eclectic filmography in projects like The Suicide Squad, Dune, and The Dark Knight, but it looks like he has found a new spooky occupation. On Friday, it was announced (via The Hollywood Reporter) that Dastmalchian will be the official brand ambassador for Titan Casket, serving as the face of the company and appearing in marketing materials. Titan Casket specializes in the online sale of caskets, and also helps family members with end-of-life planning. 

"It's an honor to represent Titan Casket, a brand that's not only making end-of-life planning more accessible and affordable, but also initiating crucial conversations around it," Dastmalchian said in a statement. "If I had known about Titan Casket and the right to buy my own casket, I would have been spared some heartache. The savings, convenience, and education that Titan offers while purchasing a casket is so important, and normalizing end of life planning is an important conversation I look forward to having in the months to come." 

Which Superheroes Has David Dastmalchian Played?

Dastmalchian has had a role in a number of superhero projects, including appearing in the DC multiverse as Thomas Schiff in The Dark Knight, Abra Kadabra in The Flash, and Polka Dot Man in The Suicide Squad. He also portrayed Kurt in Marvel's Ant-Man movies, as well as the alien Veb in the recent Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

"Filming The Suicide Squad had a big impact on me as both a human being, but also how I look at storytelling," Dastmalchian revealed to in an interview earlier this year. "But I would say the biggest influence of that experience was just getting to be in the presence of James Gunn for five months of making a movie and seeing the way a storyteller, at that level, operates and brings both heart, pathos, comedy, and action into this beautiful recipe. There's a lot that James and Peyton have in common. They create a space where you feel safe to creatively take risks. I felt incredibly encouraged. And they're friends! There's so many things about the way they work that is in line with my favorite way of working, which is, there's an incredible story with incredible characters with an incredible script. They've created this incredible playground for me to come in and then just create."

"I was coming off of a very physically and emotionally exhausting, dramatic performance where I felt very tired, and I felt like acting was really hard at that moment," Dastmalchian continued. "I'd forgotten, for a second, about just being present, being on my mark, breathing, looking at the people around me, letting the words come out of me. And Veb just started to bubble to the surface. And everyone who knows me really well has told me, in one way or another, that Veb is me."

Will David Dastmalchian Return to the DCU?

With The Suicide Squad's James Gunn now co-leading DC Studios, fans have naturally wondered if Dastmalchian might end up reprising his role as Polka Dot Man in some capacity. In a separate interview with, Dastmalchian revealed that he's open to the possibility — as well as possibly playing a different character entirely.

"Being on set with James Gunn was one of the greatest experiences of my life," Dastmalchian said. "If it's the one chance that I got to do that, then I'll savor and be grateful for that for the rest of my life. But if there is some miraculous way that he, in all of his brilliance and imagination, finds for Abner or any other character that he thinks I might be right to portray, to come into that world, I'm there in a second."

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