Super Mario Bros. Wonder Game Leaks Online

A playable version of Super Mario Bros. Wonder has leaked.

Super Mario Bros. fans beware -- Super Mario Bros. Wonder seems to have leaked online in full. That doesn't mean that snippets or playthroughs have leaked either as it's been reported this weekend that the entire game seems to have been dumped online in a playable form a week ahead of its release. As such, anyone who's worried about getting parts of the game spoiled for them or simply wants to go into the game without seeing much more than they already have will want to take caution when on social media lest they get spoiled by something.

Nintendo games leaking online has unfortunately become a somewhat common occurrence lately, so it's not wholly surprising that this would've happened to Super Mario Bros. Wonder even if it's disappointing for players that it did happen. This leak appears to have been the result of people being able to get their hands on early copies through retailers selling the game ahead of schedule which has led them to dump the game online for others to play, and people have already been doing exactly that.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Leaks

We obviously won't be linked out to any of the leaked versions of the game here, but there's plenty of evidence online already to suggest that the game has indeed leaked. Twitter user OatmealDome, a known Nintendo insider and news source, shared a PSA this week saying that the game had leaked while providing some details to back up that claim. Others who caught wind of the leak said that they'd already been able to boot the game up on Nintendo Switch Emulators to test it out.

From what we've seen of Super Mario Bros. Wonder already, it's got the Wonder Flower gimmick going for it, and it's the first side-scrolling Mario game that we've gotten in awhile, but it's difficult to imagine a Mario game having profound spoilers in terms of stories or twists unfolding in the game. Still, the worlds themselves are likely to all be unique from one another, and going into the game having already seen even glimpses of the worlds or mechanics at play beyond what's been shown off in the trailers could easily spoil the experience for some. So again, if you're planning on playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder at release, it's best to tread carefully until October 20th.

For those who are okay with a spoiler-free discussion about the game, you can check out our full preview of it here with an excerpt found below: 

In the levels I played, there were new power-ups, new enemies, and new animations, all of which contributed to a feeling that the 2D series is getting a much-needed breath of fresh air," our hands-on preview said. "One thing I loved about Super Mario 3D World is that the game seemed to constantly throw new ideas and concepts at the player. Super Mario Bros. Wonder seems to be going for that exact approach, and I hope that the final results will be just as positive."